Saturday, 6 October 2012

Weekend Special (06-07 Oct. 12)

So once again we are on holiday. Let share some other moments.

Though we have today special trading sessions.

I am fade up of typing long text, so this week I am not putting my text. Just relaxing and preparing for Monday.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Though we understand that how much hard work you do for putting up MB everyday and therefore, you also need brake...but sir.. pls don't be fade up...we look upto you for your kind share of knowledge which gives us the direction.

    If possible, you pls interact with us during special trading sessions.

    Happy Weekend to you also.

  2. truly really worked so hard for MBELLs....that you rest/relaxation .... Hats off to you Sir for your tremendous effort....

  3. There is lot of life beyond trading/money earning...Dear MG have good time with your family and friends (non-trader) during the week-end...that will relax you a lot and strengthen you to better your output in the coming week...

    We fellow traders also should not demand too much from you at the cost of your private life.

    MG is giving us all selfless service, we should not be selfish to demand him more at the cost of his private life....

    Every one have a nice week-end, enjoy your non-trading time with your family and non-trading friends...have fun.

  4. Hi,

    Is it trading day today?
    I can't see any any trades executed till now...
    Please share the info.

  5. Hi All, I didnt mean I will not respond during weekend, I just said I was unable to write under post section, becoz to write something you need to have thought to what would you write and then need to take care of those info (shouldn't be wrong) like due to stress I made few mistakes in y'day MBells.

    Its only your love & best wishes which forced me everyday to continue this work. But now few hands are joining me through various ways like Billionaire Club or Info sharing, putting trade thoughts etc. So I hope soon we will be in New Avtar.

  6. rest well dost..we'll cross the bridges as they come..guhan

  7. Dedicated to MG-

    The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep - Robert Frost

  8. Prasadji... I always says these line "and still miles to go" these are the only lines I get energy to continue my work.

    Gahan Saghan Man Mohak Taru, Mujhako Aaj Bulate he, Kintu khudase wade mhjhako Yaad Aa jate he... Arey abhi kahan aaram bada... abhi to mujhko, milo mujhako chalana he...

    But I also love these lines (infact its a song) - Are hey - oonchi oonchi baaton se kisi ka pet bharta nahi...

    So both are facts in life... look forward for bright future.

  9. Hello sir ,
    you are right ,

    There is still a lot to be done.
    We have just begun.

    Thank you .

  10. I look up to the sky with my feet firmly on ground!!!Happy weekend !!!

  11. don't look beyond 180 deg, otherwise chances of falling back ..... oh i m just kidding. yah one should look to the sky as you said and more important is firm feet on ground. a good quote.

  12. Hello Friends, great quote and now I am connecting it to market, just keep your feet on ground - Reforms just announced and need majority in both houses. For much awaited correction, a small part has taken place on Friday. On Global cues it may show strength but its advisable to book profit (or keep trailing SL method) else one good shot will wash out earnings.

    Though correction can take place any time but I am expecting in second half of this week. Lets see what happens.