Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ganapati Bappa Morya

Today we have holiday on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Its Maharashtra's biggest festival. Among lot of Ganesh Pandals two are famous internationally.

1. Mumbai - Lal Bagh Ka Raja - It's believed they fullfill all your wish and that's he's popular in devotees as Mannat Ganesha. To have darashan of Lal Bagh Ka Raja one need to go through Q of 12+ hours.

2. Pune - Dagadu Sheth Halwai Ganapati Temple - Is one the most famous name worldwide. On first day of Ganesh Chaturthi, 10,000+ women recite Ganesh Atharva. They make big decoration like fort and most of days nationalist celebrity perform here.

I pray lord Ganesha shower his blessing to all of you, you all get the money you have in mind in Rs., Lord convert it in $s. 

Well Come to Market, now match at interesting point, its like match ball decision, I have three options -

(a) As game of Congress seems changed, Mulayam have taken U turn, so if Govt. goes to fall
Result - Market will fall, we all know, but how much - may be below 5000 mark. A huge gap down.

(b) If congress rollback diesel & LPG decision, M2 can support, Mamta may not, Govt. will safe
Result -Market will fall below 5400 as it will give message to FII that govt. is not reliable. And even FDI get stuck. Market will open lower and will remain under pressure.

(c) If somehow they get success to magic no.
Result -Market will cheers and can cross even 5800 mark - A huge gap up

So keep eye on further development, and will be thankful if someone can also share the same here on board as I will remain busy today and will not get time to track the news.

Even all friends can go for debate or views, as already told many times, its not my personal blog, all is our property.

Had already suggested to dont go long till Friday, so I hope you have booked profit and have not created fresh longs today.



  1. Message from Arka Prabha De -

    Sir....Match to bohot interesting ho gaya abhi....Nonsense Mamata ...... agar by chance UPA Govt sustain kaar gaye taab to Market me aur bhi jump ho saakta hai...hai na?? kiuke opposition ye saab faaltu kaam karega ye to saayaad discounted hai already....
    At least Mamata should learn from the mistake that Left Front had done 3 year ago.....
    What is your view Sir???

  2. Message from Yash Durgiya -

    sahi bol rahe ho aap bhai...ab sp aur bsp wale moti rakam leke faisla denge...or else..mamata ka funda hit ho sakta hai..ab to log bhi chahte hain papaji (mm singh) chale apne sirjee bata denge..

  3. sir..i wanaa ask you arrange such beautiful words..?
    you may not be knowing..but your words create magic..such a blessed cool !!!
    thanks to you sir..u always treate us as family here...
    the best are always ready to help all..regardless u know them....may bappa brings u back all the happiness in multi terms..the way you r giving...
    jai ganesh

  4. Hmmm well compiled, latest update one M down, now probably M2 will support. Seems scenario b coming on plate... I'll keep updated this blog when you guys enjoying Ganesh chaturthi... Ganpati bappa Moria ... Mangal mufti Moria ...
    May bappa fulfill our wishes....

  5. Ganpati bappa moria, agle baras too jaldi aa.
    What is the meaning of "agle baras too jaldi aa" It comes after one year how it can be "jaldi". Can anybody explain it?

    1. jaldi Means
      ek saal es terah bete kin pata bhi na chale

    2. Dear Rajvanshi,
      Though Prem has beautiful answer, I just want add one line - as you know its India and most of us do whatever we would like to wish. Actually this quote is uses at the time of Prasthan (departure), but yes some ppl use it when they take home Lord Ganesha which is wrong. Like we says when our loved one go to abroad and immediately we ask him "when you will back?"

  6. Latest update partial rollback on place .. Now congress ruled state will provide 9 cylinder in a year. The drama will be continued... stay tuned with the great drama.

  7. Dear Rahguvanshi,
    its like as we wait for another big rally after one gets over in the market....

  8. Oh, so sorry, As I am from north, I never knew such details but now I realize that prasthan is the right occasion for this quote.Lot of thanks to MG for this. Good, I learnt a right thing.I say sorry to Lord ganpati also.

    Now about that query "jaldi". I congratulate Prem for the correct and most appropriate answer. You know 'sukh ke din kitne jaldi beet jaate hai, pata hee nahin chalta, aur dukh ke din maano pahad jaise lagte hain, ek ek din ek saal jaisa lagta hai'. So jaldi aa means we have our time filled with so much happyness that we do not feel when one year has passed and you (Ganpati)are there.

    The comment of Sunny 1968 is also interesting.The drunkard always sees 'madhushala' in every thing, so we market players see market in everything. But sure it applies here also, like... Let the time to come be of big big rally and we earn and earn and enjoy the market so that we do not feel when one year has passed. Really it is so on a rally day at 3.30 it pains us and feel the time is very short, trading should be all day and night. But on a day of correction each moment of that day is so boring and painful.

    Ok friends, let us welcome Ganpati in our market to bless us for a big rally.